Hi. I’m Rati Gupta. No middle name. In Kindergarten I thought middle names were the same as nick names, so one day when we went around the room and said our middle names, I said “Butterfly.” I also (allegedly!) threw up hot pink strawberry milk. So, let me try this again...

Hi. I’m Rati Butterfly Gupta. :)

I grew up in Indiana, with them Indiana boys on them Indiana nights. I got schooled in Chicago (on pizza and hot dogs). And now I use an apartment in Los Angeles as storage for my chick-lit books, ruffled skirts, and Giada De Laurentiis cookware. I tend to sleep there, too. With my stuffed Cookie Monster. Shut up.

I’m an actor by trade, dancer at heart, and comedienne in life. I have a big mouth and an even bigger laugh. Yes, I am that girl at the movies who laughs when it is dead silent. Hey, I can’t help it... I’m a sucker for a genuinely funny moment.

BTDubs, if you were looking for a more traditional artist bio, like the type where I brag about everything I’ve “accomplished” in life while writing in 3rd person...  Here.